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Can You Help a Reader ID this 1990s CHR Tune?

April 9, 2020

Sometimes, we even get e-mails from readers here at Drew’s Radio Site. I draw a blank on this one, but perhaps you can help Rebecca identify this 1990s mystery tune (?)

“Hey Drew,

Came across your website and am hoping you can help me remember a song played on Z93 LaCrosse around the mid 90’s. I’ve been through billboard charts for the whole decade, and couldn’t figure it out!!! I guess it’s just one of those quirky things that drive people crazy trying to remember, haha. As I was a teenager at the time, my memory of the song is pretty thin…. The song was more spoke, than sang, by a man… he went on about things you should do in your life, and things you shouldn’t ignore or take for granted… it was more pop-ish or mainstream music that played while he spoke the lyrics. I want to say it was around 1995 or 1996 ?? maybe a year earlier… Hope you have a better memory than I do, and somehow recall the artist or song… I have a teenage daughter now and I loved how this song gave me a grateful look on life, I’d love for her to hear it. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated, even if you could direct me to some other resources… I don’t think I can give up until I figure this one out!!! =) sorry if I get you stuck too…

Thanks in advance,


Any ideas?

The Compact Disc Turns 30 Today!

April 8, 2020

On October 1st, 1982, CBS Records released the first commercial music compact disc. The album, Billy Joel’s “52nd Street”, went on sale that day in Japan. Since then, billions have been sold. McDonald’s has nothing on the CD when it comes to sales! The first CD to sell a million copies was “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits, back in 1985.

What was the first CD you owned? Me? I’m not sure. But I do remember my first experience with a CD player: it was at KWKR-FM 99.9 in Garden City, KS. I started working there in November, 1984, doing the 7PM-1AM shift. The station had just traded out for a CD player and compact discs in exchange for promoting a local stereo store. CD platyers were not cheap in those days! Just a basic player (no remote, no multi-disc magazines or carousels) cost around $700. The discs were around $20 each, at a time when vinyl albums sold for about $7 each.

We only had about 15 discs at first. The ones I remember playing were Huey Lewis & the News “Sports”, Meatloaf “Bat out of Hell”, Prince “Purple Rain”, Cyndi Lauper “She’s So Unusual”, Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”, and the previously-mentioned Dire Straits “Brothers in Arms.” This was a BIG deal back in those days! Every time we aired a song off of CD, we were required to read a card in the studio that said “that was ___ on digital compact disc. Our discs and player provided by New Concepts Audio, located at 8th & Kansas in Garden City.”

The ironic thing was, once the CD audio made it through our aggressive processing chain and through the FM analog transmitter, you really couldn’t tell the difference between it and a clean vinyl example which had been recorded to cart. But of course, it’s all in the presentation! We were cool because we were the only station in the market to broadcast “digital compact disc audio!”

Aircheck Collector Wants Your Contributions

April 8, 2020

A few days ago, I received this e-mail from a radio friend:

“I’m on a mission, so to speak.. of collecting airchecks form small town radio stations. The stations have caught my eye.. my interest for whatever reason. Some simply because of where they are, some because of programming.. or some just because they look interesting.

Can you post a link to my WANTED AIRCHECKS List on your website/blog, etc?

You have some readers in the Midwest, so maybe some can help me?

If you know of anyone else you can share the link with or know where you can post it, feel free.”

If you can help Paul out, he would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, fellow Radio Geeks!

Townsquare Media in St. Cloud, Minnesota Celebrates Festivus!

April 8, 2020

Did your radio station celebrate Festivus? My friends at Townsquare Media did! The official Festivus Pole was brought into the building. Staff members then participated in an Airing of the Grievances.

(I’m not sure who was pinned in order to end the Festivus celebration!)

Wanted: GEL FM Transmitter and WLDM-FM 95.5 Detroit Photos

April 8, 2020

I just received this from a reader. Can you help Shannon? If so, please comment publicly or e-mail me and I will forward the information and/or photos. Thanks!

“Good Afternoon Drew,

Perhaps you could help. I am seeking 2 things. Neither of which I am having any luck finding.
I’ve been scouring the web and wearing out Google.

#1 A COLOR PHOTO of any GEL (General Electronic Laboratories) FM transmitter.
I have attached a black and white photo. These were very early 60’s and marketed to
stations when FM stereo came about. GEL’s were a beautiful powder blue color with shiny brushed aluminum and stainless steel trim. They were one of the finest FM transmitters available at the time. WGBH-FM Boston had one. WBCN-FM Boston had one. The long gone KQAL Omaha Nebraska had one. and of course WLDM Detroit had 2.

#2 A PHOTO of the original building of station WLDM Detroit, 95.5. The building was at 15401 West 10 Mile Road (at Greenfield) in Oak Park Michigan. It stood from 1948 when built to 1978 when the station was sold to Combined Communications. They built a new building and demolished the old one.. (pout)

Perhaps one of your many website visitors could help me?