WDIZ-FM 100.3 Orlando FL Bob Coburn Legal ID 1991

Here’s a short clip of Bob Coburn, host of the syndicated show “Rockline.”  Orlando’s Rock 100 WDIZ aired this show during the evening hours.  On this brief aircheck, Bob voices the Legal ID which ran during the show.  This was done to give affiliates a “localized” feel during syndicated programming.

Reception was made from my residence, 6 miles south of Ocala.  I used a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo and Sony LN90 tape.  A modified outdoor TV antenna was also utilized here.  “Modified” means that I climbed up and cut the VHF-LO elements down so they would be resonant on FM broadcast frequencies.  Worked pretty well, as you will hear:


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