KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Hot Fun in the Summertime 1985

I worked for KWKR “The Fine Ninety-Nine Nine” back in 1984-86.  Rick Nulton was our morning host, Operations Manager, and sales representative for the Leoti-Scott City-Tribune region.  Because the FCC then required radio stations to broadcast from their city of license, we maintained two separate studios.  Rick did the morning show from 6:00-9:00AM out of the “main studio” in downtown Leoti.  The rest of the broadcast day, 9:00AM-1:00AM, originated from our “remote studio” at 308 North 7th St. in Garden City.  As a young jock, I admired Rick’s voice and production abilities which were far superior to my own.  When he did a piece that I thought was particularly good, I’d dub the cart to a special cassette that I kept for that purpose. (No, I never told him that!)

“Hot Fun in the Summertime” was KWKR’s annual summer promotion.  It was held at Lake Scott State Park, just north of Scott City.  A day of music, beer, food, beer, fun, beer, friends, and beer.  Did I mention that the staff consumed a lot of beer at this event?

This recording was transferred from the original cart to cassette in the KIUL-KWKR production room, using a Tascam “pro” cassette deck.  Source tape was a TDK D90.  As for Rick, he spent 29 years as General Manager of Eagle Radio Great Bend before retiring in 2015.  He’s still a damn good voiceover and production talent, too!


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