KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Big Cheese Pizza 1985

I came across this and had to include it for nostalgia’s sake. Big Cheese Pizza was a regional chain, concentrated mainly in central and western Kansas.  I believe there is at least one surviving example in Salina.  The others which were located in Garden City, Dodge City and Hays are long gone.

I spent MANY afternoons at the Big Cheese buffet in Garden City during the time I worked for KWKR. Radio folks tend to gravitate towards restaurants which offer all you can eat for a cheap price.  Why? Because we’re poor and we love to eat.  I sure wish that $2.99 price was still valid today!

This was recorded directly off the KWKR studio monitor using TDK D90 tape.  The inexpensive consumer grade Realistic mono recorder ran slow, so the speed is a bit fast on playback.


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