KMA-AM 960 Shenandoah IA 1983

KMA is another station with a long and interesting history. Their call letters likely would have been KMAY, in reference to Earl May who started the station. But in those days, 4 letter broadcast call signs had not yet been invented. Instead, this new station became KMA. The license was granted in September, 1925. Regular broadcasts began shortly thereafter.

Since KMA was an early arrival to the region’s radio dials, the station enjoys wonderful coverage. The daytime signal is non-directional, stretching from north of Sioux City, Iowa to south of Kansas City, Missouri. At night, they use 3 towers and beam the signal north. This allowed me to capture this recording of KMA while visiting my grandparents in Michigan, North Dakota. Unfortunately, this short clip is all I have. I wish I had more to share of this heritage radio station.

This was received and recorded using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette portable stereo unit. Source tape is a TDK D90.


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