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High School Football Games = AM DX Opportunities

By | August 28, 2023

It’s that time of year again! The 2023 high school football season has begun. Friday night lights, cheerleaders, popcorn, and, all too often, AM radio stations that stay on their daytime power/directional pattern in order to broadcast the games. I call these “football emergencies.” Many AM stations which are required to drastically reduce power and/or… Read More »

WBOB-AM 600 Jacksonville DX Test January 10 2016

By | April 9, 2020

How about a MW DX test to kick off the new year? WBOB-AM 600 in Jacksonville will be testing their new 35kW daytime pattern this weekend. This test will be conducted on Sunday, January 10, 2016 from 12:00AM (midnight) until 3:00AM Eastern Standard Time. Program material will consist of Morse code, sweep tones, plus big… Read More »

AM & FM Broadcast Frequencies in the United States

By | April 8, 2020

Most of us already know this, but for those just getting started in DX’ing, here are the AM and FM frequencies used by broadcasters in the United States. If you hear a station operating outside of these frequencies, it may be a foreign station or even a pirate (unlicensed) broadcaster! Amplitude Modulation – AM –… Read More »

KMXA-AM 1090 Aurora, CO Heard in Minnesota Last Night

By | April 8, 2020

KMXA-AM 1090 in Aurora, CO (suburban Denver) was booming into Minnesota last night. This station is licensed for 50,000 watts daytime, but only 500 watts nighttime with a tight 6 tower directional pattern. The nighttime pattern nulls Little Rock as well as in my direction. I’m guessing someone “forgot” to change to nighttime power/pattern. Anyone… Read More »