KTRF-AM 1230 Thief River Falls MN Jim Olson 1974

“Musicradio KTRF where you don’t win a darn thing! So remember, the next time your telephone rings, answer ‘hello!’ Don’t answer ‘KTRF’, okay?”

Kudos to Jim for being brave enough to share with us! This was his first radio job, hosting nights on KTRF. Jim’s father owned the station at the time. I don’t have an exact date for this aircheck. Judging from the music being played, it would be fall of 1974. Notice that Jim even plays album cuts: “Fancy” by the group Fancy is featured here. They had a hit remake of the Troggs’ “Wild Thing” which was current during this time.

Truth be told, I was very envious of those lucky enough to have parents who were involved with radio ownership. I would have given anything to get on-the-air while I was still in middle or high school. Unfortunately, I had to settle for the “pirate” route with a modified Radio Shack AM Broadcaster kit, connected to the neighborhood telephone wiring!