WCCO-TV 4 Minneapolis MN Bud Kraehling 1972

Bud Kraehling was on Twin Cities airwaves for 50 years! He was first heard locally on WTCN-AM 1280 radio in 1946. Three years later, he transitioned to the new WTCN television. This was the original incarnation of WTCN-TV on Channel 4. The second WTCN-TV, on Channel 11, came later. WCCO then took over Channel 4, wisely keeping Bud as their weatherman! Bud Kraehling was a trusted and well-loved local personality from the beginning until his retirement from WCCO-TV in 1996.

Here is a complete weathercast from “The Scene at Six” on December 7, 1972. Legendary news anchor Dave Moore can also be heard on this tape, bantering back and forth with Bud. Audio quality is actually pretty good since this was recorded off my parents’ Packard Bell color console TV instead of my small Wards Airline black and white portable. Being just 8 years old at the time, I hadn’t yet discovered the magical properties of patch cords! Instead, I used the ‘ol “pencil mic in front of the speaker” method. Because of this, there is some background noise. Not too much, though. A Spartan-Atlantic portable tape recorder and Audio Magnetics C-60 “bag cassette” was used to make this recording.