KYYZ-FM 96.1 Williston ND Stan Marshall 1983

KYYZ was Williston’s first FM station. Yes, KGCX-FM 93.1 had been there for many years prior to KYYZ’s launch. However, they were licensed to Sidney, Montana. KYYZ brought “Hit Radio” on FM to northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana. Stan Marshall was their evening personality. The station signed off at midnight which you will hear Stan accomplish in this aircheck.

This was recorded from my grandparents’ house in Michigan, North Dakota. It’s an impressive catch since this location is nearly 300 miles distant from KYYZ’s transmitter. Late one night, I loosened the mast bolt on grandpa’s large “fringe” TV antenna and swung it around so that it pointed west. Then, I connected my Pioneer AM/FM/cassette portable unit to the big antenna. Crookston/Grand Forks’ KQHT-FM 96.1 was not yet on-the-air, so this frequency was completely “open” for long-distance reception. There is some white noise in the signal, but not too bad considering how far I was from the station. Source tape is a TDK D90 cassette.


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