KOMA-AM 1520 Oklahoma City OK Phil Phillips 1972

This is a short clip and the audio quality is fair at best. I wanted to feature it here since KOMA is a legendary station and tapes from the early 1970s are relatively scarce. 

This was captured from Minnesota when I was 8 years old, using a Spartan/Atlantic “shoebox” recorder.  An Audio Magnetics “bag cassette” (3 for 99 cents on sale) completed my arsenal of highly sophisticated recording equipment.  Keeping my hand as steady as I could, I held the pencil mic next to the speaker of my $10 Midland AM clock radio.  This radio had extremely poor receiver sensitivity. You can hear it “squeal” as I tune the dial.  The fact that it could even hear KOMA from 800 miles away is a testament to the strength of that big 50,000 watt nighttime signal on 1520!


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