KTHI-TV 11 Fargo ND ID Split Second Intro 1972

I realize this isn’t a radio aircheck, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway.  This is KTHI-TV in October, 1972.  At the time, KTHI’s tower near Blanchard, North Dakota was the tallest man made structure in the world, rising 2,063 feet above the ground.  The combination of height and location allowed KTHI to provide local service to Grand Forks as well as to Fargo.  Their call letters denote The HIgh tower for the station known as “Color 11.” Color TV was still relatively new in North Dakota at this time.

Notice the ID is for “Grand Forks and Fargo.”  KTHI was licensed to Fargo, so their Legal ID was given at :00 as “Fargo-Grand Forks.”  At :30, this was reversed to “Grand Forks-Fargo.”  The intro for game show “Split Second” follows the ID at 11:30AM.  Recordings of this game show are extremely rare since ABC did not save any of the master videotapes.  A partial promo for “Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law” precedes the identifier.

I was only 8 years old when I recorded this.  The caliber of my equipment and sophistication of my recording technique leaves much to be desired.  This TV aircheck made using an Atlantic “shoebox” cassette recorder with standard “pencil” microphone.  The mic was held in front of an RCA Victor 25″ color console television.  There is a bit of background noise and tape deterioration due to age.  Considering that a cheap Audio Magnetics “bag cassette” was used to capture this recording, I believe it has held up very well over 47 years.  The source tape was made from my grandparents’ house at Michigan, North Dakota.