WXCE-AM 1260 Amery WI Composite 1979

KFYR’s Phil Parker FINALLY cleaned out his basement archives! Look what he found and sent our way:

“Hey Drew,
I went through some old cassettes and will be sending some things your way to do what you wish. The first one is a composite from the first station I worked at, WXCE in Amery, Wisconsin. This is a sampler played for potential advertisers. The intro is done by Cary Dean, now out of radio I believe. The rest of the narration was done by Al Malmberg, the first PD. This version is an update from the original one that Al had done. Lots of jingles in here, plus short snippets of programming. The station was 5,000 watts directional. This is from around 1979 I believe.


Phil Parker
KFYR 550 Radio
pH pHactor”

Note: There is approximately 7 seconds of “dead air” at the beginning of this audio file. Since it was sent to me already in .mp3 format, I chose to leave it this way, rather than add another layer of digital compression by editing the file.