KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN Backwards Beatles 1982

During the spring of 1982, Stereo 101’s Chris Edmonds achieved ratings success in the Twin Cities. How did he do it? By playing records BACKWARDS! More specificially, by playing short audio clips of records which supposedly contained “secret messages” when they were reversed. Some of these segments have been made available previously on other aircheck sites. However, I believe this is the first time the infamous “Backwards Beatles” bit has been featured online.

On the album entitled “The Beatles” (known more commonly as “The White Album”), there is a cut entitled “Revolution #9.” It’s a very strange track, full of sound effects and audio from various sources. A man with a British accent repeatedly says “Number 9? Number 9? Number 9? Number 9?” throughout the track. If the record is played backwards, the man presumably says “turn me on, dead man.” This is a reference to Paul McCartney and the rumors floating around at the time which suggested he had died and been replaced by an imposter. On this aircheck, you will hear Chris Edmonds describe it in greater detail.

This was recorded from my home in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Equipment used was a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo unit (patched into the SX-3900 to serve as a tape recorder), a Winegard 10-element FM yagi antenna with ultra low loss coaxial cable, and an Alliance U-100 antenna rotor. Source tape is a TDK D90.