WOTS-AM 1220 Kissimmee FL Drew Durigan 1996

Out of all the radio stations I worked for (and there were WAY too many!) WOTS was one of the most enjoyable.  It certainly had the most festive surroundings.  You see, our Wonderful Old Town Sound studios were located inside the Old Town amusement park complex, just east of Walt Disney World in Kissimmee.  I hosted weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  Not only did the station have a radio audience across the greater Orlando metro area, we also had a live crowd “on the street” at all times.  Visitors from all over the world would watch through the glass studio window as we “did our radio thing” before their very eyes and ears.  Yes, it was a very fun gig!

Along with my Saturday afternoon show, you will hear production pieces by Terry Mason.  In addition to being our general manager, Terry also voiced our station IDs and sweepers.  The first aircheck includes a 60 second in house promotional spot for Old Town, voiced by Kevin Casey.  Sadly, Terry and Kevin are no longer with us.  Both succumbed to illness several years ago.  The Old Town Ticket Booth promo is voiced by Keith who spent many years on-air at nearby WPCV “97 Country” in Lakeland.

There are two audio exhibits here. The second is longer and focuses more on my actual DJ show. It was added at a later date and is basically an “expanded version” of the first aircheck, minus the commercials.

Both of these original recordings were made from the WOTS Old Town studios using a Sony AM/FM/cassette “boom box” and TDK D90 tape.



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