KFMC-FM 106.5 Fairmont MN Jingles 1982

Here’s a couple of jingles used by KFMC in late 1982.  Whoops! Is that cue burn on a 45 that I hear, going into Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy?”  Sure sounds like it! Since I don’t remember ever hearing them use an automation system, I believe this station was live 24/7.  Back in those days, you certainly knew when you were listening to an automated station! For examples, listen to the KAGE-FM, KLIZ-FM, and KWNG airchecks on my site!

KFMC was an easy catch from my place in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  This was long before the Radio Refuge and KUOM translators signed on, so 106.5 was a wide open frequency.  I simply turned on my Pioneer SX-3900, pointed my Winegard “10” yagi south-southwest, and there it was!  Also on the equipment list was an Alliance U-100 Tenna Rotor, Belden RG59 ultra low loss coax, Technics stereo cassette deck, and Scotch Dynarange 90 tape.