KICE-FM 100.7 Bend OR Auntie Nan Burnett 1989

“I’d rather be in Central Oregon with FM 100, KICE.”  Thousands of bumper stickers carried that message back in the 1980s and early 90s.  In addition, KICE routinely played a singing jingle which became ingrained in the memories of it’s listeners.  You’ll hear it here, although the beginning is clipped off.  I grabbed it as part of a routine dial scan, so the jingle had already begun by the time I made it up to 100.7. 

Also featured here is “Auntie Nan” Burnett, hostess of the middays.  The KICE crew, also known as “The Radio Rangers” were a group of fun, laid back guys and gals.  Their audience was very loyal, definitely not button pushers.  I learned this the following year when I competed against them in afternoons on 103 Country KSJJ.

Reception was made from Madras, OR, using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo with built-in telescoping antenna.  Whereas most of the other Awbrey Butte FM stations had 100,000 watts, KICE was limited to 50,000.  The difference can be heard as a slight white noise on the signal.  A Memorex dBS 90 tape was used to preserve this recording.


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