KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles CA Benny Martinez 1983

Back before the clear channels were broken up by the FCC, it was possible to hear KFI in Minnesota at night.  This was when 64 KFI still played music, so yes, it was a few years ago!  Benny Martinez hosted the evening show.  Since the time was 2 hours earlier on the west coast, I could stay up and listen to Benny during the overnight hours.

This aircheck was received using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver and a horizontal long wire antenna.  Actually, I had several long wires, spaced at various angles.  Between the second and last breaks, I switched to one that was more closely oriented towards L.A.  You can hear the signal come up during the last break.  Not bad for a straight line distance of over 1,500 miles!  A Technics stereo cassette deck and TDK D90 tape was used to make the recording.