KTOE-AM 1420 Mankato MN Bud Quimby 1973

This is one of the oldest surviving airchecks in my collection.  I received my first tape recorder for Christmas, 1971.  It was a Spartan/Atlantic “shoebox” model with a built-in AM radio.  Immediately, I began using it to record various stations and jocks.  It was also about this time that I realized by tuning between the “cracks” of local Twin Cities stations, I could hear radio from other towns during the day and other states at night.  Because I was only 7 years old at the time, this was pretty amazing to me!

Mankato was approximately 60 miles from my location in Apple Valley.  Don Linder’s KTOE came in pretty well, day and night.  Bud Quimby was the afternoon host.  He performed a slightly off-the-wall show, occasionally singing along with the record as he does here. Ric Jordan then does “KATOLand News.”  Since I didn’t care much for news at my young age, I switched the recorder off when Ric came on. I wish I hadn’t done that. At least you can hear Ric intro his newscast at the end of this tape.  An Audio Magnetics “bag cassette” (3 for 99 cents) was used to make this recording.  I’m amazed the oxides haven’t completely disintegrated after 46 years.


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