KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN Michael Christian 1979

This KDWB aircheck is somewhat rare.  I’ve heard plenty of True Don Bleu, Ed O’Brien, Bob Lange, and Smokin’ Joe Hager from the late 1970s.  You don’t come across many tapes of Michael Christian. 

Owned by Doubleday, KDWB was a strictly-formatted Top 40 outlet during this time.  Both the music rotation and the jock talk breaks were tightly structured and controlled.  This was the “FM-101 and AM-63” simulcast era which began in September, 1976 and ended in September, 1979 when the FM was split off and became “K101”, and later, “Stereo 101.”)

I’ve left some of the commercials intact: England Dan and John Ford Coley voice a promo spot for their latest album “Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive.”  Also, notice the background music used in Smokin Joe’s “Sound of Music” spot.  The Blues Brothers’ album was in the Top 10 at this time and their movie was soon to be released.  Plus, a spot for “Spa Petite” which I believe is voiced by KDWB morning man Ed O’Brien.


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