KDOG-FM 96.7 North Mankato MN Legal ID 1988

KDOG, the little signal that could!  Despite radiating just 740 watts out of the antenna, we were the #1 station in the market!  I say “we” since I was fortunate enough to work there during the time this aircheck was recorded.  Brian Garvin hired me to host weekends on “The Dog.”  Every Friday at 5, I’d leave my “real job” in the Twin Cities and drive 60 miles to Mankato.  I’d be on Saturday midnight-6AM, sleep on the couch in the back room, back on Saturday 6PM-midnight, sleep some more, do Sunday noon-6PM, then drive back home!  Now that’s a busy weekend! On the ride home, I’d listen to and self-critique my airchecks. The things we do for our love of radio!

Here’s the Legal ID sweeper that we used.  “Crisp and clean at 96.7 FM” is a subtle jab at crosstown rival Z99 KEEZ. Our audio was much cleaner than theirs, thanks to our engineer Mark “Motown” McVey.  This man was a genius when it came to audio processing!  He also did a damn fine job of maximizing our little signal and making it competitive.  This tape was actually recorded from my residence in Apple Valley, about 60 miles away.  I used a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM antenna, Sears cassette deck, and BASF normal bias tape. 


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