KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge, IA Amy Alberts 1989

Amy Alberts arrived at Super 97 KRIT in 1988.  She was Dave Haldin’s morning show partner and news director. In this aircheck clip, Amy performs a typical newscast.  Unfortunately, we join the broadcast “already in progress”, since this is where my source tape begins.  Amy was one of many talented air people who came through Fort Dodge at this time.  She went on to work at KROC AM/FM Rochester, MN and at KSTP-FM aka “KS95” in the Twin Cities.

In the summer of 1989, I was in Central Oregon, pursuing my own radio adventure.  This recording was made by a friend in Iowa Falls.  I have no idea what she used for recording equipment.  I can tell you that the source tape is a Sony HF90 cassette.