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KKRC/KYKC Sioux Falls Reunion Planned for Summer 2013

April 9, 2020

Speaking of La Crosse, Beth Habeck-Warden tells me the Hit 105-WLXR-WLCX reunion this past summer was a great success. Now, plans are in the works for a similar gathering at then-sister Ingstad stations KKRC and KYKC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

KKRC/KYKC always sounded much bigger than they were. The AM was just 1,000 watts on the “graveyard” channel of 1230Khz. The FM was a 3,000 watt Class A on 93.5. Some stellar talent passed through those hallways over the years: Lester St. James, Charlie O’ Douglas, Chuck Knight, and Tommy Austin, among many others. Plus of course, the late, great Dan Kieley. In the mid-1980s, Dan pioneered the “Rock 40” format on KKRC, a hybrid album rock and CHR approach.

Specifics of the KKRC/KYKC reunion such as dates, times, and venues have not yet been confirmed. We’ll post ’em here as soon as get the information. In the meantime, join the KKRC/KYKC 2013 Reunion group on Facebook to connect with alumni and get the latest news regarding their upcoming radio reunion!

Hit 105 FM WLCX /WLXR La Crosse Radio Reunion

April 8, 2020

My friend Beth Warden asked me if I would post news of this summer’s La Crosse Radio Reunion. Beth worked on-air at Hit 105-FM (WLXR-FM 104.9) during the mid-1980s. In those days, even smaller markets often had two CHR competitors and La Crosse, Wisconsin was no exception. Here, it was Hit 105-FM vs Z93 (WIZM-FM 93.3.) The big story was that Hit 105-FM was able to hold up against “Wizzum”, despite WIZM-FM’s advantage of a 100,000 watt signal on a tall tower vs WLXR’s mere 3,000 watts ERP. I’ve heard the tapes and I can tell you, it was a great battle!

As per their website, here is the WLCX/WLXR Radio Reunion 2012 information:

Radio Reunion
August 3-4, 2012

It’s official! We are going to have a radio reunion this summer! We need your help to try to find as many people as possible that worked at WLCX / WLXR / HIT 105-FM during the 80s or earlier, and let them know about this fun event!! Please view the Missing Employees page to see if you can help locate some of our co-workers.

We are planning two informal gatherings. The first will be on Friday night, tentatively at Big Al’s on Third Street in La Crosse. The second will be Saturday night at The Freighthouse Restaurant on Front Street in La Crosse. Details are still being firmed up. You can visit the Reunion Schedule page for more information.

If you worked for WLCX-AM 1490, WLXR-AM 1490, or WLXR-FM 104.9 or know someone who did, please pass the word along. This summer’s La Crosse Radio Reunion will definitely be a fun time for all!