WAPE-AM 690 Jacksonville FL Greaseman 1979

DA GREASE on THE BIG APE!  This show aired the day before the execution of John Spenkelink at Railford, Florida.  Spenkelink was sentenced to death for first degree murder. He received his punishment from “Old Sparky”, Florida’s famed electric chair, on May 25, 1979. 

The prison where Spenkelink was being held is relatively close to Jacksonville. Greaseman’s radio show was extremely popular among inmates and prison employees.  Because of this, it was widely speculated that Spenkelink and his fellow prisoners listened to WAPE-AM 690 in the morning.  Grease aka Doug Tracht taunted Spenkelink repeatedly in the days leading up to his execution.

This aircheck was provided to me by my friend Tom, host and creator of RadioTapes.com. His is a fantastic resource with several airchecks, video clips, and memorabilia of Minneapolis/St. Paul radio from the 1930s to today.  Since Tom’s site focuses on Minnesota stations, he felt it wasn’t appropriate for him.  He graciously offered it to me so I could provide it to you here. Thanks, Tom!