KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Dave Haldin Amy Alberts 1989

In 1989, the Super 97 morning show in 1989 consisted of Dave Haldin and Amy Alberts.  Dave was also program director while Amy handled news duties.  They were successful, eventually making it to the larger markets of Sioux City, Iowa and Tallahassee, Florida.

Here, Dave almost puts his foot in his mouth.  They’re talking about an upcoming appearance at Norwest Bank when Dave suddenly interjects how he was recently turned down for a loan at this particular financial establishment.  Oops!  But they quickly cover and get out of the bit. 

Since I was doing afternoons in Bend, Oregon at the time, this tape was recorded by a friend of mine from Iowa Falls.  Not sure of the equipment used, other than the Sony HF90 cassette that arrived in my mailbox a few days after this aircheck was made.


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