KFYR-AM 550 Bismarck ND Name Game Promo 1983

Heads up, K-FIRE fans! I found another tape in the vault! Here’s the promo for the KFYR Name Game contest which aired during the winter and spring of 1983. It was recorded during the overnight hours from the Twin Cities area, so it’s a bit noisy. No fewer than five stations could be heard on 550Khz from my area. I was able to separate them all out by using various horizontal longwire configurations. Needless to say, lawn mowing was a real adventure in my back yard!

I captured this using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver and Technics stereo cassette deck. Source tape is a TDK D90.

PS: If you have vintage audio of KFYR, I would love to share it with the world and give you credit! Please contact me for details.


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