KXPO-AM 1340 Grafton ND 1983

In the summer of 1983, KXPO was a great example local “hometown” radio. It was one of many in existence across North Dakota during this time. KXPO was also a frequent destination for new “Brownies.” These were recent graduates from Brown Institute, the school I attended to study radio and television broadcasting. On this clip, you will hear a young but energetic announcer playing the tunes and giving the weather forecast on “Radio 13, KXPO.” Given the close proximity to Grand Forks and KNOX on 1310, I’m surprised that KXPO used the “Radio 13” identifier.

This was received and recorded from my grandparents’ house in Michigan, North Dakota. I used a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette portable unit with built-in antenna. Source tape is a TDK D90.


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