KFGO-AM 790 Fargo ND Country Kitchen ID 1972

Anyone know who the announcers are on this clip?

This was recorded from my grandparents’ home in Michigan, North Dakota.  Notice the cross track noise in the left channel? I used my grandparents’ Lantz recorder to make this aircheck.  It didn’t completely erase the previous recording made with my Spartan/Atlantic recorder since the recording heads were slightly out of alignment with one another.  Source tape was an inexpensive Audio Magnetics 60 minute “bag” cassette.

Here’s a locally produced spot for Country Kitchen, followed by a station ID.  I’m not certain whether he says “good time radio Fargo, 790, this is KFGO” or “good top radio Fargo, 790, this is KFGO.”  It’s not “good TALK radio”, since KFGO didn’t flip to talk for several more years.  In 1972, The Mighty 7-90 played that good ‘ol country music.  This was the station my grandfather always had playing in his ’65 Ford Galaxie 500.


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