KLRR-FM 107.5 Bend OR Tom Jeffries Daryl Delaney 1989

In May, 1989, tragedy stuck the Central Oregon radio community. Scott Campbell died suddenly, the result of a heart attack. Along with Elise Michaels, Scott spent several years as the morning team of KXIQ-FM 94.1 “Q94” across town. Scott and Elise brought their show to Clear 107 the previous year.

This tape was recorded the day after Scott’s death. As you can imagine, the mood around KLRR/KBND was very sad and somber. You can sense this as Tom Jeffries begins his midday show. General Manager Daryl Delaney then makes an announcement regarding Scott’s passing. I was doing afternoons on Q94 at the time. We received word early that Monday morning of the situation. I immediately began rolling tape on KLRR. Bob Hards filled in on the morning show and is featured here on another aircheck exhibit.

A Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo and Memorex dBS 90 tape were used to make this recording.

KLRR_FM_Tom_Jeffries_Daryl Delaney_May_1989

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