WTIX-AM 690 New Orleans LA Blair on the Air 1983

‘TIX the Tiger was a Top 40 powerhouse in the 1960s and 70s. Although FM had begun to take over in New Orleans, WTIX hung on throughout the early 1980s, playing the hits on AM radio.

This was DX’ed in the overnight hours from Minnesota, so it’s a bit noisy. Considering that WTIX was only 5,000 watts at night with a directional pattern that pointed away from me, I considered myself lucky to receive it at all. The jock on duty was Blair on the Air who spent 10 years at WTIX from 1975-85.

I received this from Apple Valley, Minnesota using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver with horizontal long wire antenna. The long wire was oriented towards New Orleans, nulling out other stations on 690 as much as possible. It was recorded on a Technics stereo cassette deck with a TDK D90 tape.