WYOO-AM 980 Minneapolis MN Cart Malfunction 1973

An uncued cart is every jock’s worst nightmare!  This usually happens when one or more cart machines are broken, causing the jock to stop and remove the cart before it’s recued.  Of course, he/she plans to recue the cart later.  Sometimes, people don’t remember until it’s too late.

This is apparently what happened to “The Tall Robert Hall” on WYOO.  He plays the Legal ID cart at 12 noon, hits the news/sports intro, then hits the news which was presumably prerecorded on another cart.  However, the news guy gave Tall Robert an uncued cart.  This is a cardinal sin in the radio world!

In desperation, he pots up the channel, desperately hoping for audio to appear.  But all that’s heard is the telltale “whump whump…whump whump…whump whump” of a blank cart!  After what I’m sure seemed like an eternity for Mr. Hall, the cart recues and all is well!


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