WWLV-FM 94.5 Orlando FL Legal ID Sweepers 1991

Because “Orlando’s Love 94 Point 5” was a Lite A/C, there wasn’t much in the way of on air banter.  When the jocks did talk (rarely), it was basic back announcing of what had just played and what would be coming up after the commercial break. I wanted to share some of their imaging here.  Especially their barely Legal ID. 

WWLV targeted the Orlando metro area, but was licensed to Daytona Beach.  At the time, the studios were located in Daytona Beach.  Their 1,500 foot tower near Paisley, Florida put a city grade signal over both markets.  Notice the clever method in which the Legal ID downplays Daytona Beach while emphasizing Orlando.  Orlando is mentioned 3 times in less than 30 seconds!  Clever, and just barely passing muster with the FCC.

The original recording was made from my residence, approximately 6 miles south of Ocala on SR 475, using a Realistic AM/FM/CD/Cassette portable stereo “boombox” and Sony LN90 tape.  Being less than 40 miles from that big stick, only the built in telescoping antenna was required for solid reception. 


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