KLRR-FM 107.5 Bend OR Scott & Elise 1988

Scott Campbell and Elise Michaels were Central Oregon’s most popular morning show during the late 1980s. I say this even though I was employed by their direct competitor at the time. “Scott & Elise” teamed up for mornings at KXIQ “Q94”, enjoying a successful run on that station. Shortly before I arrived in town, they were hired away to KLRR “Clear 107” and headed down the road. Literally. Both stations were on the same side of town, located less than a mile from each other.

I was in Bend, auditioning and interviewing as their possible replacement. As you might imagine, I wanted to aircheck my competition and see what I would be up against. They offered me the job, but I really didn’t want to drag myself out of bed at 4AM. Shortly thereafter, I became the Q’s new afternoon host.

This is typical Scott and Elise. Elise does news, weather, the Clear Road Report, and the Ski Report. Scott does what he did best: just being himself. He truly was a great talent and I regret not getting to know him during the time I was in Central Oregon Radio. The rivalry between these two stations was intense and bitter, all the way up to management level. As a result, the jocks weren’t exactly allowed to hang out and have beers together.

This was recorded from my hotel room near Mount Bachelor, using an inexpensive Realistic AM/FM/cassette monaural unit. Source tape is a BASF normal bias 90 minute cassette.


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