KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Lee Barr Rick Nulton 1985

“Listen to the Music” was our big 1985 spring promotion at “The Fine Ninety-Nine-Nine.”  Giving away a CD player and discs might not sound like a big deal today.  Back then, however, the player was worth about $800 and the discs sold for $20 each. Needless to say, we had many excited listeners trying to win this contest!

This station promo is voiced by Lee Barr and Rick Nulton.  Lee was my Program Director.  He also hosted middays from 9:00AM-1:00PM.  Rick did mornings from 6:00-9:00AM, served as Operations Manager, and was also responsible for sales in the Leoti-Scott City-Tribune region.

I recorded this on a Panasonic mono AM/FM/cassette recorder.  The source tape was a Certron LN60 which was accidently destroyed several years ago,  Unfortunately, this is a second generation dub of what was a mediocre quality recording to begin with.  Still, it’s held up pretty well over the past 34 years.  An entertaining look back to when radio in western Kansas was live, local, and FUN!

By the way, that song coming out of the promo/jingle is “Lonely in Love” by Giuffria.  It was their followup single to “Call to the Heart.”  In my opinion, both are considered “Lost 45s” of the 1980s.  Gotta love those hair bands!


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