KCLD-FM 104.7 St. Cloud MN 1982

FM Stereo was still relatively new in Central Minnesota during the early 1980s.  Notice how it is part of KCLD’s positioning statement in this short aircheck clip from 1982.  I believe WJON-AM 1240 was still the dominant station in Cloudy Town at this time (?)  However, music listeners were quickly migrating over to FM.  Besides the 3 local FMs (WWJO 98.1, WHMH 101.7, KCLD 104.7), most of the Twin Cities FM stations could now be heard in St. Cloud.

I captured this from Apple Valley, MN, using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Alliance U-100 Tenna Rotor, and Belden RG59 ultra low loss coaxial cable.  The recording was made to a Technics stereo cassette deck with a Scotch Dynarange 90 tape.