WRBQ-FM 104.7 Tampa FL Legal ID 1991

Q105 was an absolutely HUGE radio station during the 1980s!  One of the highest rated CHRs in the country.  In fact, I believe it was the highest rated CHR for a time.  But as the 80s came to the close, a ruthless new competitor emerged: Jacor’s Power 93, better known as “The Power Pig!” The ensuing radio war between Q105 and Power 93 was dirty, nasty, and legendary.  In the end, WFLZ forced WRBQ out of the format.  The Q flipped to Country in the spring of 1993. Today, they are “Tampa Bay’s Hits of the ’80s & More”, utilizing the original Q105 logo.

Most of WRBQ’s audience listened to the 104.7 FM signal.  But as you will hear on this Legal ID, they also broadcast on 1380AM.  The AM frequency had strong Top 40 roots, going back to when it was WLCY in the 1960s and 70s. 

This tape was made from my location 6 miles south of Ocala.  Equipment used was a Realistic AM/FM/CD/cassette portable stereo and Sony LN90 tape.  I climbed up on the roof of the mobile home that I was renting and cut the TV antenna’s VHF-LO elements down to resonance on FM frequencies.  Worked pretty well, as you can hear.  Although I’m sure whomever lived there after me probably wondered why they couldn’t get Orlando TV channels 2 and 6 to come in clearly! 😉