KRIT-FM 96.9 Fort Dodge IA Phil Jaye 1989

I first worked with Phil Jaye across town at KKEZ.  We hired him to “babysit” Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on Sunday afternoons.  Soon, he was doing live shifts.  The following spring, we found ourselves working together again.  This time at KRIT, which had just upgraded their facilities and moved into Fort Dodge from their previous location in Clarion.  Phil replaced me from 7-Midnight when I left for KG95/Sioux City.  By the summer of 1989, he had been promoted to afternoon drive.  In this show opener, Phil promotes an upcoming live broadcast from the Super 97 KRIT toilet.  Unfortunately, I don’t have this to share.  But I can promise you, it was a real gem!

A friend in Iowa Falls recorded this.  She was not a “radio person”, so she usually didn’t hit “record” until after the DJ started talking.  This explains why the first syllable is sometimes clipped.  Not sure what she used for receiving and recording equipment.  The source tape is a Sony HF60 cassette.