KSTP-AM 1500 Minneapolis MN Jeff Pigeon 1978

Jeff Pigeon aka “Ol Pidge” did middays on KSTP-AM during the final days of “The Music Station” in the Twin Cities.  In 1973, “15/KSTP” made local radio ratings history by zooming from near last place to #2 in just 60 days!  They did it by adopting a Top 40 format, then hiring great programmers and jocks who executed an aggressive on-air presentation.  Back in those days, about HALF the radios were still tuned to WCCO-AM.  Being #2 and the #1 music station (as KSTP promoted themselves) was a major achievement in this market.

By 1978, FM radio had begun to dominate the Twin Cities.  Doubleday’s KDWB added their 101.3FM signal (the former U-100) two years earlier.  They were now #2 in the market.  WDGY was the first casualty, flipping to Country the previous year.  KSTP-AM was now feeling the heat.  The Hubbards would soon implement a gradual transformation to News/Talk.

This is “Pidge” at his best.  In just one break, he manages to make fun of President Carter, Betty Ford, and the PSA for a smoking cessation program! Yes, cigarettes were still socially acceptable in 1978. After leaving KSTP, Jeff went on to WIBC/Indianapolis, hosting mornings for nearly 20 years. 

I was only 14 when I recorded this aircheck, so the caliber of my equipment left something to be desired.  I used a cheap “bag cassette” which explains the occasional dropouts in the left channel.  My trusty Sears mono AM/FM/cassette unit was used to make the recording.