KNAB-FM 104.1 Burlington CO Lonny Haines Mike Mortensen 1984

Lonny Haines did early mornings and middays on KNAB. He had a split shift, hosting 6-8AM and 10AM-1PM. Lonny was unique in that he was the only “local” on KNAB’s fulltime airstaff. Most of us were recent Brown Institute graduates from Minnesota. Tony Martin, the night guy, was from Colorado Springs. But Lonny was a native Burlingtonian (or is it Burlingtonite?) He’s joined in mornings by Mike Mortensen who, in addition to his duties as News Director, co-hosted a 2-headed show with Lonny during the 7:00 hour.

This is a lengthy aircheck. I’ve broken it up into 3 segments in order to facilitate quicker downloads and listening times. There’s a lot in here, including several commercials voiced by other KNAB airstaffers. Some of these spots became “KNAB Classics”, especially the series of Redfront “Donuts” commericals. These were written and voiced by Jim Nyland and Mike Mortensen. Many elements of the KNAB morning show are included here.

This was recorded from my apartment in downtown Burlington. My equipment consisted of a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, wire dipole antenna and a Technics stereo cassette deck. Source tape is a TDK D90.




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