WCCO-TV 4 Minneapolis MN Scene at Six News 1973

Here’s the outro from WCCO-TV’s “Scene at Six.” The classic lineup of anchor Dave Moore, weather with Bud Kraehling, and Hal Scott handling sports was still intact. This was recorded by placing a microphone in front of the TV speaker, so the audio quality isn’t great.

Notice the emphasis made on COLOR Channel 4. Even as late as 1973, many viewers did not yet own a color television set. My paternal grandmother did not buy one until 1977, after the picture tube finally went out in her 1960 Packard Bell black and white set.

This was recorded using a Spartan-Atlantic portable cassette recorder and Wards Airline 9″ black and white TV. Source tape is an Audio Magnetics C-60 “bag” cassette.


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