KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN Chuck Evans 1979

Here’s a brief aircheck of Chuck Evans doing afternoon drive on KDWB. Formatics are tightly structured, as was the case for all dayparts at the Doubleday station during this era. Jocks were restricted to saying their name, call letters, the time, “Stereo KDWB”, and little else. By the spring of 1979, KDWB was the only Top 40 outlet remaining in the market. KSTP-AM had begun a gradual transition to Talk programming and WLOL-FM’s “Almost Perfect Radio” wouldn’t debut for another couple of years. As for Chuck, he went on to become “Chuck Nasty.” As such, he enjoyed several good years in Kansas City radio.

This was recorded from my home in Apple Valley, Minnesota, using a Panasonic “all-in-one” AM/FM/phono/cassette stereo unit. This was Panasonic’s top-of-the-line compact system which produced very good recordings. Unfortunately, the cheap Realistic Concertape C-60 compromised the audio quality quite a bit. Strangely enough, these tapes worked fine with my $50 AM/FM/cassette portable unit. But they were always “muddy” when I used them with my $300 stereo system. Ah, but who’s complaining? I’m just glad the cassette held up for 40 years so that it could be shared here!


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