KSTP-AM 1500 Minneapolis MN Musicland 1978

After I posted the previous True Don Bleu aircheck, discussion ensued regarding the Musicland spots he once voiced.  In addition to being one of the top jocks in the Twin Cities, T.D.B. was also a stellar voice talent.  His spots for the Musicland chain of record stores were distributed nationally.

This ad for the “Thank God It’s Friday” movie soundtrack album aired during the summer of 1978.  Ironically, I recorded it off of 15/KSTP which was KDWB’s arch rival during this time.  I’m guessing the KSTP folks probably didn’t enjoy airing the voice of a primary competitor.  However, Musicland was a BIG client in those days and they ran a lot of spots.  If you wanted their ad buy, you did it their way.

There are a few seconds of tape dropout in the left channel only.  This was originally recorded on an Audio Magnetics C-60 cassette which I purchased in 1972.  These were the infamous “bag cassettes” priced at 3 for $1.99 or less. The relatively low quality and age of this tape combine to cause the dropout.  Still, the audio is very good for AM radio, recorded onto a Sears AM/FM/cassette mono portable unit.

“A 12.98 series package, now just $7.87 for record, 8-track, or cassette tape!”  Ah, the days when we had to decide between three competing formats when making music purchases.  You just gotta love an entire double album that’s dedicated to disco!