KJJK-FM 96.5 Fergus Falls MN 1983

At the time this recording was made, KJJK was a fairly new station.  I can’t remember their exact sign on date, but I believe it was in 1982 sometime (?)  They became the third radio station in Fergus Falls, joining KBRF-AM 1250 and KBRF-FM 103.3.  Note the AP Network News sounder.  Since this preceded the satellite era, it was transmitted to the station over telephone lines.

I received this broadcast from Apple Valley, Minnesota, using a Pioneer SX-3900 reciever, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Alliance U-100 Tenna Rotor, and Belden ultra low loss coaxial cable.  For recording purposes, a Technics stereo cassette deck and TDK SA90 tape were utilized.


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