Phoenix AZ Radio Composite Aircheck 1982

This market composite was recorded in the back seat of a rental car while riding through downtown Phoenix on I-10! I was 17 years old, vacationing with my family as we traveled to Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.  Fortunately, I came prepared with my boombox, headphones, plus lots of blank tapes and spare batteries.

 Even in the short time I was there, I managed to record 6 of the market’s top stations:

1. KOOL-FM 94.5.  This was the ORIGINAL “Kool” station.  The only one to ever have actual KOOL call letters.  Weekends were now “solid gold” as they continued a gradual transformation to all Oldies.  The DJ on duty was Ron Cossack.

2. KUPD-FM 97.9, licensed to Tempe.  One of two Rock stations in the market.  The other was…

3. KDKB-FM 93.3, licensed to Mesa.  For years, their positioning statement was “93 KDKB Rocks Arizona!”

4. KZZP-FM 104.7, licensed to Mesa.  This is the legendary CHR that later became home to Clarke Ingram and Bruce Kelly.  On this day, Randy Stewart was behind the microphone.

5. KOY-AM 550.  Although FM was starting to take over in this market, the big AMs were still healthy.  Specifically, KOY and KTAR.  KOY was Full Service A/C at this time.

6. KOPA-FM 98.7, licensed to Scottsdale.  They were the market’s dominant FM AC outlet.

This recording was made using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette “boombox” with telescoping antenna.  Original source tape was a TDK D90.  However, this is a second generation dub which was transferred to digital.  Because this was before dual cassette decks became available, I used two stereo decks connected directly with the levels set properly.  Even as a high school kid, I was very meticulous when it came to audio quality!