KMSP-TV 9 Minneapolis MN WAYL-FM Commercial 1973

Cross-promotion of TV and radio stations is nothing new. In the Twin Cities, Channel 4 did this often with 830/102.9 while Channel 5 did the same with 1500/94.5. Of course, it must be mentioned that WCCO AM/FM/TV had common ownership at this time, as did KSTP AM/FM/TV. Here, Beautiful Music station WAYL “The Beauuuuutiful Whale” teams up with KMSP Channel 9, the ABC affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

You can hear both the WAYL spot and the KMSP Station ID on this short aircheck clip. Notice the TV station ID’s as “KMSP, Twin Cities.” Since this is the :30 ID, into the game show “Split Second” with Tom Kennedy, it’s completely legal. At :00, they used their Legal ID as “KMSP, Minneapolis/St. Paul. Which by the way also happens to be what their call letters stand for.

I recorded this when I was 9 years old, using the infamous “microphone in front of the speaker” method. So, the audio is less than perfect. You gotta love that video signal buzz in the audio! But I’ve included it here anyway since it’s rare. I have yet to hear a TV commercial for WAYL posted elsewhere.


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