KGLI-FM 95.5 Sioux City IA Matt Tomstone 1988

Back in the day, KG95 was a small market CHR monster.  At the time I worked there (1987-88), we averaged a 25 share 12+ across all dayparts.  In addition, we showed in the Sioux Falls ratings, 70 miles to the north!  This was attributable to a strong airstaff, a great music mix, and an extremely knowledgeable programmer by the name of Pat Paxton.  Today, Pat is the President of Programming for Entercom.  Perhaps you’ve heard of him. 

Matt Tom-Stone or “Tomb-Stone” as he occasionally referred to himself handled afternoons.  Lots of energy, tight on the posts, keeping the music rolling.  I’ve included some of the sweepers to further emphasize the energy level of this station.  It never stopped!  This was what CHR was all about during the 1980s.

This tape was recorded after I moved back to the Twin Cities, so there is a bit of white noise on the signal.  Not bad, considering I was nearly 250 miles distant from the KGLI transmitter.  My Pioneer SX-3900 receiver and Winegard 10-element FM yagi were used to capture the signal.  The recording was made using a Technics stereo cassette deck and Sony LN90 tape.


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