CKCK-AM 620 Regina SK Canada 1983

One of the great things about visiting my grandparents in North Dakota was being able to hear Canadian radio.  AM signals travel forever in this land of incredible soil conductivity.  From this location, I could hear stations from Winnipeg, Morden, Saint Boniface, Dauphin, Portage La Prairie, Brandon, Yorkton-Melville, Moose Jaw, and Regina.  The two strongest Saskatchewan stations were CBK’s monster signal on 540 and CKCK/620.

CKCK played a Top 40 format with fun, upbeat personalities.  Here are a couple of their breaks from the summer of 1983.  This was recorded from Michigan, North Dakota, using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo portable unit with built-in antenna.  The recording was captured onto a TDK D90 tape.


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