KNNS-FM 96.9 Grand Rapids MN 1982

In 1982, KNNS-FM was a relatively new radio station. I found it by accident one night while the antenna was pointed north to hear KQDS in Duluth.  While tuning past 96.9, I swore that I heard something underneath the adjacent channel splash of local 97.1 that wasn’t there before.  After orienting the antenna to null out KTCR-FM, sure enough, there was KNNS from up on the Iron Range.  I felt like an astronomer who had just discovered a new planet!

I have no idea who the announcer is on this aircheck.  Do you know?  If so, please tell me so that I can give her credit here.  This was recorded during overnight hours. 

The signal was captured from Apple Valley, MN, using a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, and Belden RG59 ultra loss coaxial cable.  The recording was made with a Technics stereo cassette deck, feeding it’s magnetic pulses to a Scotch Dynarange 90 tape.


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