Sioux Falls SD Composite Aircheck 1982-83

The first half of this dial scan was DX’ed from Apple Valley, Minnesota.  By using a very sensitive receiver and high gain antenna system, I was able to hear 3 of the 5 Sioux Falls commercial FM stations which existed at the time.  KNWC, KPAT, and KIOV were receivable with just a small amount of noise.  There is a bit of adjacent channel bleed on KPAT, due to local KTCR on 97.1.  KIOV also has a bit of noise, due to co-channel 104.7 KCLD from St. Cloud.  The fact that I could receive these signals at all from just south of the Twin Cities, about 200 miles as the crow flies, is an amazing testament to the abilities of the system I was using.  A Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10-element FM yagi antenna, Belden pemium RG59 coaxial cable, and an Alliance antenna rotor got the job done.  This recording was made in November, 1982, using a Technics stereo cassette deck and Scotch Dynarange 90 tape.

The second half of this exhibit is dedicated to KSOO’s “South Dakota People” singing jingle.  Do you remember this?  KSOO didn’t make it to my location, but they did put a good nighttime signal into my grandparents’ house at Michigan, North Dakota.  There is a bit of skywave distortion as the signal “bounces” midway through the jingle.  This was received on a Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette stereo “boombox” with internal AM antenna.  The recording was made using TDK D90 tape.