CKRC-AM 630 Winnipeg MB Canada Roger Kelly 1978

CKRC/63 was one of CKY’s direct competitors (the other was CFRW.)  Both CKY and CKRC had huge coverage footprints which included most of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  As a kid visiting my grandparents, I’d often switch between KFYR, CKY, and CKRC.  Very convenient, since all were Top 40 and within 80Khz on the dial.  I’ll bet many of you who are around my age and grew up in this area did the exact same thing!

This was a very “low budget” recording.  I made it using a Lantz “shoebox” cassette recorder and an inexpensive Electro Brand AM/FM portable radio.  This recorder had an auxiliary input jack, so I connected directly to the radio’s earphone jack using a standard patch cord.  Unfortunately, the cheap “bag cassette” that I used causes the sound to suffer.  As you can hear, the audio quality would have been very good if I had used a higher grade of tape.  Since I was only 14 at the time, I’ll plead ignorance here.  Reception was made from Michigan, ND.

In 1978, Roger Kelly (real name: Roger Kettyls) was the “night guy” on CKRC.  Roger was a pro who worked in many of Canada’s top markets: Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, and Toronto.  Here’s some of his 10:00 hour on a Saturday night.  Straight ahead nighttime Top 40 with contests and fun!


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