KXIQ-FM 94.1 Bend, OR Kerry O’ Donnell 1988

Back in my radio gypsy days, Central Oregon’s Hot FM Q94 was one of the stations that hired me. I flew in to interview for mornings and recorded this from my room at Inn of the Seventh Mountain. Kerry would be the guy whom I would be replacing. Understandably, I wanted to hear his stuff and see how I measured up. Turns out, I ended up doing afternoons instead of mornings. There’s something about getting up at 4AM that’s never agreed with me!

This aircheck contains a couple quick clips of Kerry plus several local commercials. Ric Marshall, morning host at KXIQ’s sister station “Classic Gold 940” KGRL, voiced the Jim Smolich Motors and Sunriver Sports spots. Scott Campbell voices the Deschutes Brewery commercial. Scott had worked for Q94 up until just a few months earlier. He was now doing mornings across town at KLRR “Clear 107.” Also included is an agency spot for the Bon Marche.

The quality of this recording isn’t as good as I would like. For starters, there is some terrain shadowing on the signal. KXIQ had recently moved their transmitter from Bend’s Awbrey Butte to Jack Pine Ridge on the Cascade mountain range. Though this provided 94.1 with an incredible signal that stretched into southern Washington, it also caused shadow distortion in parts of KXIQ’s primary service area. The other reason is because an inexpensive Realistic “mini” monaural AM/FM/cassette recorder was used to make the recording. My big Pioneer boom box wouldn’t fit in my suitcase (yes, I tried!) The source tape is a BASF normal bias 90 minute cassette


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